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Seth J. Hinkley has been giving practical advice to small to mid-size business clients and non-profit clients as their general counsel solution for more than fifteen years. He continues to represent quality clients and assist them in growing their businesses while limiting risk.  His practice focuses on Texas business, including entity formation and dissolution, corporate and non profit compliance, mergers and acquisitions, contract drafting, licensing, commercial leasing, real estate, business planning, and litigation oversight. Litigation is something that businesses and non profits wish to avoid. So Seth’s job is to keep his clients in business and out of court. But in the event that litigation is necessary, he has the experience to guide his clients through the process. 

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Hinkley Law, PLLC represents small to mid-size businesses, as well as individual owners, in a wide variety of business matters.

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Hinkley Law, PLLC offers small and mid-size business legal assistance with more than fifteen years of experience.

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